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The Old Pokey - a new name but a long and proud history in the music industry. Phil Smith and Norman Hood were involved with the formation of early Fleetwood Mac, Phil arranging with Mike Vernon for Jeremy Spencer to jam with John Mayall's guitarist Peter Green at a Bluesbreakers gig back in 1967. Both were original founders of the legendary Pokey Hole club in Lichfield, which saw the birth of Black Sabbath and Heavy Metal .  Norman worked with Jim Simpson at Big Bear Records and their amazing roster of acts in the early seventies, including Locomotive, Brewers Droop, Tea and Symphony, and American bluesmen like Eddie Burns, Lightnin' Slim, Rev Gary Davis, Homesick James and many more. He then formed Tramp Entertainments with Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi and Ric Lee from Ten Years After, handling amongst others Judas Priest , bluesman Champion Jack Dupree and the now equally legendary Necromandus. The Pokey Hole club was resurrected in 2016 as a response to Black Sabbath's 'The End' tour, and indeed got a mention in the video of that tour. It continued in its own right until March 2019, having showcased top names like Stan Webb's Chicken Shack, John Fiddler from Medicine Head, Ken Pustelnik's Groundhogs, Ray Owen's Juicy Lucy, The Climax Blues Band and Argents John Verity plus touring American stars Beki Brindle and Debbie Bond alongside the cream of home-grown bands and solo artists.

Norman Hood & Phil Smith - where did those 50 years go?